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Welcome to MinistryofSk8

Click here for Free membership to the coolest Skateboard and extreme sports club in the UK!
Signp for free membership and get a UK Skate Ranking, get info on events in your area. Get a cool skate wall to share and chat with your mates and other skaters.

The MinistryOfSk8 or MOS is a UK Skate Ranking system and Skateboard, BMX and inline board sports club with access to great discounts at participating retailers and skate shops.

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Latest events/meets calendar

Below is a list of all meeting events for the next 2 months. Click here to see the full calendar for the year. For more info on the event click on the [ name ] link to goto the organising members wall. There you can ask them questions and find out more information.

Test : 14/07/2009 Contact: [MOS]
Test 2 : 14/07/2009 Contact: [NEWS]

Remember MOS do not actually run the event. We simply provide the platform to promote and score the event. Please direct questions regarding any club meet to the organising member first. Their wall shold have the info you need. If not then post them a message and they should reply. MOS are not responsible for the running or failure to rn of any planned member meet. It is upto individual members to get themselves to and from meets and we provide no safety cover or insurance etc.

My Skatepark
**NEW** Be the first to create a wall for your towns skatepark. Post messages and chat with your mates. Click to register it now!

Featured Skateparks


[ NEWS ] said "Team Joe Bloggs update... We would like to welcome Isaac Maxwell as the youngest and newest addition to the Team Joe Bloggs skate team!! Isaac at 7 is the youngest rifder that represents MOS and our co-sponsor Joe Bloggs Clothing. Don't be fooled this little ripper is making waves all over the shop and really sets the bar for the 2010 season. Check out his profile under Team Joe Bloggs link and drop him a line. Peace out.. MOS ..."

[ NEWS ] said " Yo everyone, jut a line to let you all know that our Joe Bloggs Clothing sponsorship has finally come off!! Thanks to JB for all the work sorting this out in the last few months. I am posting to as you all to please show support for our sponsor and please complete this simple survey for us :) wot you thort it woz 4 free?? lol. KK the link is Not the Average Joe Bloggs plz check it out for a chance to win prizes n stuff.

MOS out......

[ NEWS ] said "beep beep... We mentioned a few months ago that we were talking with a major clothing sponsor for our team riders. Well.... It's official, Joe Bloggs Clothing are now official sponsors of Team MOS. Our team riders will of course ride under the new name Team Joe Bloggs and get heaps of cool new threads.. Final details will be posted here and on the newly branded Team Joe Bloggs page. Keep tuned for updates as they happen...."

[ NEWS ] said "Not The Average Joe Bloggs


[ NEWS ] said "Ever fancied building your own mini skate ramp?
Mini skate ramp home build plans
We just built this little number for 56 quid including screws... We took it in the van on a surfing trip to Hell's Mouth this weekend and it proved a big hit with the surf starved skaters.. The ramp also converts to a spine, hip and mini half pipe. I will be posting the skate ramp plans in pdf later this week....

[ NEWS ] said "Air of the month is out and here it is.  Rider [Rhys Williams] great photo captures a great transition at PSP.  Don't forget you don't have to be David Bailey! what we want is great tricks photographed with whatever you have, phone , digicam, camcorder etc.  Sure its nice if you have a Cannon EOS but thats not what this is about.  Get skating and get snapping.  Well done Rhys.

Got one better, email them in to with the subject AIR OF THE MONTH.

Rhys Willaims Air Of The Month Aug 2009


[ NEWS ] said "Latest Youtube for MOS.


[ NEWS ] said "The July covershot is now available for download from the gallery. Also as a wallpaper from our new wallpapers section. Steve that photo rocks m8..."

[ NEWS ] said "Does he land it though??? lol. Will try to post the video of that later today ..."

[ NEWS ] said "Wot was Team MOS rider Sam Forshaw (11) thinking?

[ NEWS ] said "haha, just had to share this pic, think its Tom but not sure?

[ NEWS ] said "U asked for it, U got it. MOS Profiles now have photo galleries to upload upto 10 of your fav photos to your profile. ..."

[ NEWS ] said "CQ CQ CQ Update..
Profile and article search is now operational. Search for your mates and artices using the search at the top of the page...

[ NEWS ] said "Team MOS!!
We are excited to announce that we will be holding tryouts for the 2009/2010 MinistryOfSk8 skate team. We need 6 guys or gals to head up our lineup and can reveal that we have provisionally got a clothing deal on the table for Team MOS from a huge street clothing brand!! Send your videos and pics to now and we will take a look and get back to you. ...

[ NEWS ] said "Air of the month July 2009.  Rider [Tim Forshaw :: Team MOS] Taken by Steve Milliar this photo of Team MOS rider Tim Forshaw @ PSKP is a stunner.. 

Got one better, email them in to with the subject AIR OF THE MONTH.

Tim Forshaw Team MOS Air Of The Month July 2009

Loyalty Cards are now available within your profile editor for all full MOS members....

[ NEWS ] said "Website news
The SRS ranking system is almost complete. We hope to have rankings up by next week....

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Skate videos from Youtube
Send us your YOUTUBE videos as maybee you will get them on the front of MOS

Skate comps!!!

The best part!!! Any member of MOS can run a skate comp anywhere. Whats more is we will provide you with everything you need. Ideally you should get your local skate retailer or similar to sponsor the event and encourage them to get involved by offering a prize and discounts instore. If you want to run a comp, give us a call and we will give you all the info you need.


MOS UK Skate rankings (SRS)

You are a good skater yeah? .Well let the whole world know about it. MOS full members are automatically entered into the MOS Skate Ranking System (SRS) and your event results and overaall UK ranking will be shown for all to see. As a member you can also generate cool website widgets to paste onto your social networking websites and emails, just to prove how cool you really are!

Click here to view the SRS Rankings Table


MOS on Facebook

We are now on Facebook, Be sure to check us out and add yourself as a fan!

MinistryOfSk8 on Facebook

Discount loyalty scheme

One of the best reasons to join MOS is to gain access to loyalty discounts from participating skate and sports retailers. We are constantly working to try and recruit new retailers and thats also where you come in!

loyalty card

If your local skate shop does not offer MOS discounts, be damn cheeky and ask them why!! Take yor discount card in and ask them for it anyway. if they ask about it, tell them to call us or email us via the RETAILERS link in our website and we will do the rest. Tell them to call Scot on 07793443315 and quote MinistryOf Skate

Ministry Of Skate UK Skateboard Club
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